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Worship Without Limits is all about shifting the atmosphere of each City we inhabit so we can share the Word of Hope & Healing. We have a passion and driving force to Awake the Cities and RECLAIM what has been lost, Hope.

Worship Without Limits is an outreach ministry. Our heart is that of the servant. We thrive on helping others. Read about OUR VISION

As we organize for a city we desire to come alongside others who live there, who do life there, and are already working to Reclaim what was lost. In doing this we will help organize different groups, ministers and leaders to gather in a central location on a certain day. As we gather we will worship, pray, give words of encouragement, share our hope and stand!

Worship Without Limits will help promote a day of hope and healing. we will work with those who want to organize this for their city. We will provide all the equipment and logistics. More importantly, we will bring people. Worshippers, prayer warriors and ministers who have already joined you in fasting and praying for your City.

We will also hold a day of rehearsal, introduction & prayer with all of our volunteers.

If you would like us to come to your city, click here.

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